Meet Vincent Chapters, the photographer that documents London life, chapter by chapter

"I love to see different cultures come together to make some kind of super culture."

- Vincent Chapters

Introducing photographer Shane Vincent. A born and bred Londoner with a portfolio as diverse as his city. We had a brief catch up with him...​

What was it about photography that captured your imagination? Being able to escape into your imagination with it, but also confront reality if you choose to. Your work beautifully captures the heart of London life. Do you see yourself continuing to document the city throughout your journey as a photographer? Haha thank you. I think I'll always shoot London life. But, I have never wanted to be limited to just that.​​

How do you see your artwork evolving over time? A lot of the time I see the photos as frames for the storyboard of a film. So I really want to work with video soon. Having grown up in such a diverse environment, what’s the biggest thing you have learned from our melting pot of cultures? I love to see different cultures come together to make some kind of super culture. I don't gravitate to any particular culture or race, I just like interesting, open-minded, genuine people.

If you and your camera could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? And are there any particular events or movements you would love to capture? I always love shooting Nottinghill Carnival, the vibe is unmatched. And I probably need a break from the city, somewhere tropical...Maldives maybe. Your unrealised projects? I'm working on an E-book at the moment and trying to learn video. I want to help photography become a platform that has similar opportunity for artists as music does. Finally, any words of wisdom or advice for any upcoming young photographers and artists? Work hard and take a break from screens.

You can enjoy more of Vincent's work on his website: