The Beginning of Marlou Fernanda
A Short Documentary

Marlou is the subject of her own performative, documentary-like short films, which, sometimes humorous, other times more pensive, address everything from faith to loneliness and the creative process.

You can enjoy more of Marlou Fernanda's work on her website:

"It's my unconsciousness that decides what the works are about."

- Marlou Fernanda

"...the details that only a few pay attention to have the most to say about what stage in life I'm going through..."

- Marlou Fernanda

The Beginning
Nima Shafiani's Studio

Painter and Goldsmiths School of Arts student, Nima Shafiani, in his element at his studio in London. Watching Shafiani immerse himself in his work inspired the creation of this project. Without Shafiani, the spark for this platform would have never existed - so thank you.

You can enjoy more of Nima Shafiani's work on his website:

Joy Yamusangie

Joy Yamusangie is a London-based artist who translates moments, conversations, feelings and intimate thoughts into visual pieces. Themes such as race, gender, culture, social issues, and self-identity are reoccurring and often work in an expressive and semi-abstracted style. This video exhibits the first of two phases in the making of one of her pieces. 

You can enjoy more of Joy Yamusangie´s work on her website:

"My work not only tells a story of culture and love, it tells my reality, racism, sexism... "

- Joy Yamusangie

"In the past I doubted my ability to be an artist simply because I didn’t see my reality reflected in art organizations."

- Joy Yamusangie